March 10, 2021

20 Low-Budget Marketing Strategies With A Huge Impact

It is easy to get your word out if you’ve got the budget to spend on marketing. However, it gets tricky when you are tight on finances. Here are some low-budget marketing strategies that can work wonders for your brand:

Believe in the power of networking

1. Identify where exactly you are likely to find your audience and engage in conversations with them there. For example, if your audience is on Facebook, post frequently there. Use your branded links generated through in your posts to direct the audience to your website.

2. Seek testimonials from your existing clients. That’s one of the smartest low budget marketing strategies that allows you­ to create social proof.

3. Join online networking groups to get known in the business community relevant to you.

4. Attend trade fairs to build contacts with prospective clients and partners.

5. Collaborate with other brands and run cross-promotions. Along with a few others, this is considered to be one of the smartest low-budget marketing strategies. It could be a pure barter arrangement with like-for-like benefits for both the parties involved. You may also run a joint venture to split the cost of a particular initiative.

6. Invite media to different events associated with your brand to get publicity without spending a dime.

7. Pick your category of specialization and apply for nomination in different business awards. Even if you don’t win, it gives you great mileage. That is why many brands use it as one of their low-budget marketing strategies.

Focus on strengthening the content side of things

8. Write searchable content to place on your website. Use of keywords popular in your industry is a must.

9. Start a blog focusing on different topics of public interest. Align your service with the content in a manner whereby you can subtly promote your brand. Slip in a reference or two about your business by incorporating a branded link generated through

10. Comment on blogs of other brands from where you reckon you can yield useful traffic. Similarly, respond to people’s queries in popular public forums.

11. Run a free webinar or classes focusing on the use of your products or services. It’s one of those low-budget marketing strategies that can get a lot of traction for your brand. Emphasize how you are able to solve people’s problems.

12. Create a company presentation. Upload it online and hand it out to people via email, social media or instant message in the form of a branded URL generated through

13. Circulate press releases to media outlets every time you have something big to announce. Make sure your press releases contain your branded URLs created through

14. Create case studies explaining how your brand was able to address a business challenge a client was facing.

15. Stay in touch with customers by sending them valuable content in the form of newsletters. This may not have an immediate benefit, but it is one of those low-budget marketing strategies that have a long-term impact.

16. Include a special promotion with every invoice you send out. For each offer, have a QR code that you can easily generate through This would allow your audience to scan the QR code from their phones and arrive at the page on your website where you are running the offer.

Make your visuals do the talking for you

17. Have a compelling email signature designed that highlights your company’s offering and directs people to your website or social media. Useful infographics with your company logo could also earn you plenty of eyeballs.

18. Make short videos that talk about your products/services and how they can bring about a positive change to people’s lives. Promote these videos on your website, social pages, and in company presentations.

Take full advantage of social media

19. Be present on all major social networks by having a page for your business. Post aggressively on these pages according to a pre-defined social media plan. Use URLs shortened with wherever necessary. Let people know what you are all about.

20. Join social media groups where you could pitch your product/service to audiences that seem to be in need of something close to what you offer.


Those were some of the low-budget marketing strategies that have proven to deliver incredible results for businesses over the years. is a highly economical tool that can help you generate branded links to give outstanding visibility to your business with some amazing tracking features and audience insights. To try today for FREE, click here.

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