February 18, 2021

5 Most Important Metrics For Tracking URL Performance

Shrewd marketers pay a lot of attention to the URLs they use as part of their marcom activities. They employ a range of tactics to make their links appear attractive and noticeable. Having said that, the impact of enhancing the aesthetic value of URLs cannot really be measured directly. At the end of the day, what counts is solid numbers and statistics. As the great Peter Drucker once said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. That is why it is important to keep an eye on the following 5 metrics for tracking URL performance in a transparent manner:

1. Clicks

First and foremost in our list is the clicks on your links, for obvious reasons. The whole idea behind sharing links with your audience is to get them to click your URLs. Therefore, a healthy click count on your URLs indicates that they’re doing exactly what you want them to do. To achieve a higher CTR on your URLs is easy. Reduce their length and custom-brand them with Clipit.pro. The regular long URLs are ugly, complicated, hard to remember, difficult to share and not social media-friendly at all. Needless to say, they’re often viewed with a lot of suspicion. The result is obvious – hardly anyone clicks them. On the contrary, shortening and branding a marketing link is a trusted practice for improving its odds of being clicked. Clipit.pro provides a clear and simple way of tracking clicks on all your shortened links. Just log in to your account and in the dashboard selection, click “view stats” under the “options” tab for the relevant link. This will open up a page displaying the number of clicks on your link.

tracking URL clicks
tracking url

2. Regions

Where you’re getting the clicks from also matters a great deal in the context of tracking URL performance. It enables you to understand where your URLs are getting most traction from. In certain cases, this insight may also help you validate if you’re targeting the right audience. Imagine running a campaign aimed for audiences in Germany but the clicks you’re getting are from China. That would be a sheer waste of your marketing efforts. An advantage of using Clipit.pro is that you can geotarget your URLs by country, to display the right content to the right audience. And from the tracking point of view, you can check if the clicks are being generated from your desired country. Your Clipit account displays the regions from where you’re getting clicks in the stats page just beneath the number of clicks.

tracking url by regions

3. Social Shares

If your links carry content that is likable enough, you wouldn’t find it hard to market them. In fact, they would naturally spread like wildfire. Your customers become advocates of your links and share them with specific individuals, groups, or connections present on their social networks. Therefore, to gauge how popular your links are, it is vital to keep track of the social shares they yield. Clipit.pro helps you get this crucial intel on your brand links by displaying social shares in the stats page.

4. Referrers

When you propagate your links in the digital universe, the clicks can come from anywhere. It could be an email marketing campaign, a social post or an affiliate website. The possibilities are endless. To accurately track the source you’re getting clicks on your URLs from, identifying the link referrers is key. The stats page in Clipit.pro dashboard offers the feature of tracking URL referrers.

url tracking

5. Conversions

People have clicked your URL and landed on your page. Now the big question is, are they converting into actual customers? This question holds a lot of meaning in cases where the URL is promoted with the intention of getting people to buy a product or service from you. It is also relevant in lead-generating situations where you want your audience to drop in their contact details so you may nurture them towards the eventual purchase decision. When you brand your links and target them to the right audience with Clipit.pro, the chances of your conversions increasing are much higher.

To conclude, measuring the performance of URLs plays a massive role in determining the ROI of your marketing activities. For shortening links, branding them, and tracking URL performance with detailed analytics, sign up for your preferred plan of Clipit.pro today by clicking here:

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