March 2, 2021

Top 5 Reasons For Weak Customer Retention With Solutions

Winning customers is tough but retaining them is tougher. With so many options available to the audience nowadays, they can easily switch loyalty. This usually happens when you are weak in an area your competitor dominates in. If buyers of your product/service aren’t staying with you, it’s important to identify why that is the case. This article focuses on the biggest reasons your customer retention isn’t where it needs to be. Let’s examine each of them with their respective solutions.

1. Your product/service lacks sufficient value

You charge the customer a specific price for your product or service. But does he/she see enough value for money? Oftentimes, we tend to think pricing alone is the reason behind failure to retain customers. However it is the value provided that makes a difference. A cheap commodity with no value would be as big a failure as an expensive one. By offering more within the price point of your product/service, customer retention can be increased. To understand what value exactly customers seek, circulate branded links generated through carrying surveys, feedback forms etc. By doing so you will be able to determine whether your audience is inclined towards a missing feature or an upgrade in overall offering.

2. Your customer service is not up to the mark

Many people tend to decide if a product/service is worth purchasing by judging the associated customer service. Weak customer service often results in buyers shying away from you towards some other brand. To improve customer retention, don’t just focus on selling what you have. Pay due attention to enhancing the customer experience as well. Handling complaints in a timely and professional manner is a must to keep customers on board.

3. You fail to standardize your service quality

You were fortunate enough to win a customer on a brand promise you made. And somehow you managed to fulfill it once. But when the customer purchased from you a second time, the quality of your product/service deteriorated. The expectation you had previously set was not met. That is enough for a customer to walk away from you. Consistency in quality at all times is a must for customer retention. Being able to deliver the same experience over and over again is what a brand striving for success should learn to do.

4. You don’t address the customers’ pain points

Customers have certain problems they are seeking solutions to. That is why they search for a product/service in the market that can solve them. For boosting customer retention, you must always continue to ensure your offering addresses an issue a segment of the society faces. Also, you must market it in an accurate manner. The pain you highlight in your ads should actually be eliminated or curtailed by your product/service. If you make tall claims initially and the reality is different, it will only make customers develop negative feelings about your brand.

5. You sell and disappear

Many businesses tend not to develop a lasting bond with customers. However, one of the secrets behind brands with strong customer retention is that they stay in touch with customers post purchase. An automated follow-up strategy must be employed by your brand for your buyers. This would typically involve a string of emails you circulate at different junctures. Begin with an email to thank customers after they’ve made a purchase. Wait a week or so before you send another one asking if they need any help with the use of your product/service. The week after that, send an email seeking feedback. You could also promote a special offer via email to awaken inactive customers. Furthermore, emails containing shortened links generated through that offer valuable content could keep customers engaged. Last but not the least, a loyalty program could encourage customers to keep buying from you.

Those were 5 of the biggest reasons your customer retention isn’t strong enough along with different ways you can strengthen it. link shortener allows you to generate branded links that may be used for a variety of purposes. They could carry behavioral surveys or feedback forms to improve your offering. In addition, they may carry useful content to keep your existing customers engaged. To find out all the exciting things can do for you, start the free trial of the tool by clicking here.

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