February 2, 2021

5 Ways Clipit Can Help Enhance A Company’s Internal Communication

Every day, millions of business emails in different organizations around the world end up in the trash folder. More often than not, these emails contain information that is vital for the success of the company. This shows that gaining the attention of a colleague at work via email can be a difficult proposition.

Most businesses tend to invest their energy in refining messages for customers. However, improving internal communication must get equal attention, as it could help staff coordinate in a much more seamless manner. In addition, it may also make internal messages appear better-crafted and more business-like. Clipit URL shortener serves several different purposes including streamlining internal communication. Here are some examples illustrating how the tool enables different teams in an organization to communicate more effectively.

1. Uplifting communication between teams

Several groups, each with its own custom domain, can be created in a company’s Clipit account. For example, a team responsible for sales in various parts of the world creates a separate group on Clipit for each region. Each group uses its respective custom domain to generate branded links. Recipients of a particular link can easily tell which region it belongs to. This way, each regional sales team would get the attention it deserves. Also, employees receiving such links would know beforehand about the content therein.

2. Disseminating top-management messages

If the top-management in a company uses a leadership-branded URL in their internal communication, the value of that link increases significantly. Consequently, employees receiving these links can act upon them promptly. Therefore, it can be safely said that branding links for the leadership using Clipit can help them get more visibility and clicks.

3. Promoting the use of company intranet

Many organizations tend to find it hard to get employees to use their local intranet. To combat this issue, the company’s Human Resource department can incorporate custom-branded links in its internal communication, that directs the reader to the company’s intranet. The act of including these Clipit URLs in internal communication would allow the HR teams to ascertain how many staff members are accessing the intranet and identify the most engaging messages. Since custom-branded links created through Clipit are easy to remember, linking these URLs to the organization’s intranet can regularize its use for accessing company-related information.

4. Effectively managing links in the company’s knowledge bank

A company’s resource library remains an integral part of its internal communication. There are several businesses that maintain a resource library for staff members to access sales, marketing, and other useful information. The URLs shortened with Clipit allow organizations to gauge the impact of content and employee engagement. Moreover, in case the existing page of a resource is obsolete, the same short URL of the resource library can be redirected to a new page.

5. Announcing internal events

Keeping staff up to speed with upcoming events is a key component of internal communication. To serve this purpose, organizations can create event-specific URLs through Clipit to ensure all employees are aware of the internal events that are around the corner. A unique URL pointing to the same destination can be sent to each team. By incorporating UTM parameters in the links through Clipit, the organization can determine which team has been engaging with the link the most. Subsequently, the teams that aren’t clicking can be followed-up with. In addition, events may be promoted in print collateral with Clipit-generated QR codes. This way, employees can scan QR codes and get all details related to the upcoming event.

To conclude, internal communication is crucial for an organization’s success. Therefore, introducing innovative ways to improve it from time to time is necessary for a business. Clipit allows companies to shorten and brand their links for enhancing internal communication. To sign up for the 15-day FREE trial of Clipit, Register here.

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