January 18, 2021

How Custom Branded Links Generated Through Clipit.pro Can Help Businesses Grow

Online businesses are coming up with smarter and more efficient ways these days to promote themselves. As a result, the use of URL shorteners has become increasingly popular for marketing and advertising purposes around the world. Most link shorteners are typically viewed as a means of reducing the length of a URL. But there’s more to them than meets the eye. One of the most popular features offered by URL shorteners like clipit.pro is their ability to generate “custom branded links”.

What are custom branded links?

Custom branded links are shortened URLs that are generally created around a specific brand name. Established brands, online marketers, and advertisers use custom branded links to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns, get better visibility, and attract a higher number of clicks.

How are custom links different from unbranded ones?

Unbranded or generic links normally have the URL shortening service provider’s own branding. A custom short URL, on the other hand, showcases the name of your brand instead of the service provider’s. This way the link becomes purely your own and cannot be mixed up with anyone else’s.

What do branded links look like?

Branded links normally comprise of two to three parts. First comes the domain, which is your unique brand name. Next up is the TLD or Top Level Domain which generally indicates what you do, however, this part is not always used. Lastly comes the URL slug, which usually is a unique keyword of your choice. With these key components in place, your custom short URL is ready to be shared with the world.

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Why you should brand your links using clipit.pro:

1. To make your business stand out

Generic or long links can very easily get lost in translation. They don’t really have any uniqueness and are just like thousands of links you come across every day. On the other hand, a link branded through clipit.pro URL shortener helps your brand name get noticed. An audience being sent a custom short URL is more than likely to pay attention to the brand name within, and immediately realize that it has been sent by none other than yourself.

2. They uplift your link’s appearance

A link sent by you to your audience serves as the face of your brand. This is why you must put your best foot forward while sending a URL to your consumers. An ordinary-looking link can very easily lead to the audience perceiving your brand as an ordinary one. However, a link that looks well-crafted, such as a custom short URL generated through clipit.pro, generally has a terrific impact on the minds of its recipients and helps your brand be seen in a positive light.

3. They are viewed as trustworthy

In an age where hacking and online fraud are rampant, sending out generic links don’t really help a business’s cause. Every time an ordinary link is sent to someone, it creates a great deal of doubt and suspicion in his or her mind. Most people want to keep such URLs at an arm’s length. After all, no one wants to incur a loss, whether it is related to one’s monetary assets or private information. A branded link created through clipit.pro is viewed as authentic, because it has your brand name incorporated in it and is more likely to be trusted by audiences. Not only that, the chances of email validation systems considering branded URLs as valid marketing emails are much higher.

4. They keep your messaging consistent

As opposed to generic links that usually have no correlation between each other in terms of the way they look, branded links generated through clipit.pro URL shortener brings a degree of standardization to your messaging because they display your brand name which would always remain a common denominator across all your custom links, no matter how many of them you create and disperse out.

5. They get way more click-throughs

The whole idea behind sending a link to an audience is to get click throughs. Since branded links generated through clipit.pro are viewed as authentic, they receive way more clicks that their generic counterparts. This ultimately leads to a significant boost in your sales.

6. They are much easier to remember and share

Another advantage of branding your links through clipit.pro is the fact that you get a URL that is easy enough for people to remember. This means that even if they don’t click it instantly upon receipt, they can recall it at a later stage, type it out in their browser and conveniently access it. Moreover, the short and easily memorable nature of these links allows them to be shared between people even through word of mouth.


Branded or vanity URLs are an essential ingredient for the success of any business that is looking to grow its online presence, establish credibility, and drive sales. clipit.pro URL shortener is an all-round tool best suited for the aforementioned purpose since it allows users to brand their links with a great deal of ease, get more clicks on their branded URLs and track their performance.

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