January 20, 2021

Best Practices To Make The Most Of A URL Shortener

Anyone can use a link shortening tool to make their URL look more compact. However, effectively utilizing shortened links is an art that requires some mastering. Using short links right is crucial for better brand reach/visibility and greater ROI of the content you create. Without having a clear understanding of how to use your shortened links, even the best URL shortener may not be able to help you a great deal. Here are some best practices that you must be mindful of to make better use of your shortened links:

1. Use a branded domain for generating short links

Instead of promoting the link-shortening service provider’s name in your URLs, putting your brand in the limelight is much more advisable. You can do this by creating branded or vanity URLs provided by most link shorteners. Custom branded domains serve dual purposes. Firstly, you get to shorten a long link so as to give it a tidy look. Secondly, your brand name receives more eyeballs since it’s part of your links. Using relevant words in your URL allows you to make the best use of your URL shortener. A branded URL allows the world to have a feel of what your brand is all about and the content within the link.

2. Smartly pick the slug or keywords

The part in your short URL that is followed by the “/” is referred to as a “slug” or “keyword”. As link shorteners allow you to customize all parts of your URL, this particular portion holds a lot of importance. With one branded domain you can create several URLs, each carrying a distinct slug to represent a product/service category, collection or campaign. This classification of URLs allows the audience to ascertain what you are promoting. Furthermore, it really helps from the reporting standpoint too.

3. Opt for shortened links in social media communications

The social media promotions that we run are often restricted to a certain number of characters. Shortened links enable you to publicize your brand and get your point across more effectively within this limited space. As shortened links carry actual words and not random characters, they are remembered more easily and for longer periods. Not just that, shortened links on social media can be very easily tweaked anytime for the destination page. This means you can redirect your audience wherever you want without having to modify each link you’ve previously used on social media.

4. Make use of shortened links in audio promotions

Shortened links can also be incorporated in radio ads or podcasts. It is a known fact that long URLs are not usually an effective Call to Visit for use by radio presenters or podcast hosts. But shortened links are great for this purpose as they are easier to understand and recall by listeners. By creating different slugs for the same campaign, you can track inbound traffic on your page by individual referral source, and evaluate which audio promotion medium works for you the most.

5. Utilize shortened links in print collateral

Any URL promoted through print marketing cannot obviously be clicked upon by the audience straightaway. The readers need to remember the URL and later type it in their browsers to be able to access the page. With this extra step involved for your print audience to engage with your brand, you need to think wisely to generate the best link via your URL shortener. The more concise and easier to remember the URL is, the better.

6. Use shortened links for influencer marketing

To analyze the ROI and reach of each influencer you’re working with, it’s important to use shortened links. By doing so, you get through information on how much each influencer has contributed towards the promotion of your campaign. Each of your influencers gets a separate link with the same custom domain. Consequently, you can track the reach and engagement a specific influencer has generated for you. Influencer marketing couldn’t get any more transparent than this.

7. Validate link performance analytics from paid sources

The paid placements you run on different digital platforms have their own methods of reporting and tracking performance. As a result, these stats can have major inconsistencies amongst themselves. That’s why to be able to correctly assess the traction on your shortened links, it is important to have a standard mechanism. This can be easily made possible when you are using a URL shortener like Clipit, which provides detailed tracking information on shortened links from multiple sources. So whether you’re promoting your URLs on your own website, your partner’s, on social media, or via paid digital means, standardized tracking is super easy when you use a link shortener such as Clipit.


Short links can be used in a variety of ways for greater reach and ROI of your content. To best use your URL shortener, make sure it remains part of all your digital as well as traditional marketing plans. Clipit is a great URL shortener that enables you to generate branded links with a variety of keywords of your choice, for use in almost all forms of marketing. It can be integrated with a variety of platforms and offers detailed tracking of clicks yielded from different referral sources. To sign up for the 15-day FREE trial of Clipit, Register here.

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