January 1, 2021

Help Your Brand Get Better Mileage With Clipit.pro URL Shortener

Many of us need a URL shortener to generate links for marketing our business via emails, texts, social media, etc. Shortened links embedded in your messages can impact your brand significantly.

Let’s take a look at how clipit.pro can help you generate short links for effective business promotion.

Link Customization

With complete link management feature offered as part of your URL shortener, you can organize your link in a way that suits your brand, and your audience can easily trust them. This feature will be useful for you if there is a usual use of links in your dealing.

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With Clipit URL shortener, you can customize your link and add your brand in links with ease. It’s that important because your customized link can support your brand and increase awareness in your audience. The more awareness of your brand builds, the closer you’ll get to your success.

Trustworthy links for your brand

Trustable links play an important role in a business career because it depends upon your user whether he/she seems your link trustworthy or not. With Clipit URL shortener, you can flawlessly create links that look like your brand and build trust in your audience. With trust-building in your audience, you’re more likely to get more clicks on your links with less hassle.

Detailed analytics with every click

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Clipit URL shortener provides a complete analysis of clicks on one page where you can easily find the date, location, browser, demographics, and system details. These details will help you to target your interested audience so, you can boost your sales and get organic clicks. This feature will definitely help you to make a smart decision to smartly scale your business.

Generate Branded Links

If you usually use the link in your daily communication, then you should keep your brand in front of your customers or clients at every forum. To do so, generate your branded links in order to protect your brand identification. The more you enhance the visibility of your brand, the more likely your audience is to remember it. So, take a look at some of the most popular ways mostly use in brand awareness are marketing campaigns, sales follow-up emails, and different ads post. 

Track 15+ data points

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If you want to know more about your links then use Clipit, where you can get everything you need with the best possible solutions. You can track your clicks more efficiently with more than 15+ data points, including Device targeting, Targeting pixels, Parameter builder, and so on. This feature will help you to track each and every event so, you can know the audience looking towards you. 


I hope, this article will reveal tremendous features of Clipit on you and shows you numerous ways to promote your brand with multiple features at a reasonable price that no other tool can.

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