February 24, 2021

How Clipit.Pro Enabled a Marketing Agency to Set a Different Target URL for Each Device

This article outlines a case study wherein Clipit.pro was able to solve a business challenge for a US-based organization.

About the solution-seeker:

A digital marketing agency had been operating in North America for nearly two years with a growing list of clients. The organization frequently used shortened links in its promotional activities. The agency sought a solution allowing it to generate shortened links with a different target URL for each device. Consequently, the company approached Clipit.pro to fulfill this business need.

How Clipit.pro fulfilled the requirement?

Clipit.pro was able to readily address the requirement of the marketing agency by offering its premium plan. The plan by default had the feature that the marketing agency was in need of. This allowed the agency to produce shortened links with a different target URL for each device. Furthermore, the agency could use the same shortened links to display a different page for each geographic location.

Details of the solution:

The premium plan of Clipit.pro allows users to generate shortened links with the option of setting a different target URL for each device. Therefore, various sorts of devices such as Android and Apple phones/tablets could now be displayed varying content on, against one shortened link. The marketing agency just had to specify the target URL for the page that it wanted displayed on a specific device. This way, every device could be served content that was relevant to the persona of its user. For example, if the agency was running a campaign for a watchmaking brand, it could now target users better via its URLs. A person owning a high-end iPhone could be shown a page displaying luxury watches for sale. On the other hand, an individual accessing the same link from their mid-range Android phone could be shown less expensive watches that they could afford.   

How the marketing agency benefited from the solution:

By creating shortened links with a separate target URL for each device, the marketing agency was able to eliminate bottom-feeders. It could also guarantee its clients better use of their marketing spend. Furthermore, the agency’s efforts yielded greater conversions because the audience could see content that was aligned with their preferences.

To conclude, Clipit.pro serves a variety of purposes. For device targeting and a range of other exciting features that could help you with your digital marketing, try Clipit.pro for free by vesting https://clipit.pro/user/register.

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