February 8, 2021

How to create URL bundles with Clipit

The use of URLs in our daily communication has gone beyond traditional boundaries. Today the links exchanged between people have taken various contemporary forms. One of them is link “bundles”.

What is a URL bundle?

A URL bundle is a group of different links packaged together and presented as one short URL. URL bundles, one of the most attractive features of Clipit link shortener. They simplify the concept of sharing multiple links with the world. One compact URL carrying dozens of links can be easily shared as an instant message, email, or social media post. Clicking this short URL displays a page containing all the long links that are part of the bundle. Thereafter, the user may choose which link in the bundle to click and access.

How are URL bundles beneficial?

URL bundles have multiple advantages. They are listed as follows:

They consume far less space

Imagine sending 20 different long URLs to someone. They would take up a significant chunk of your email, instant message, or social media post. On the contrary, a URL bundle is represented by a short and concise URL.

They reduce clutter in your message

By overloading your message with several URLs, you are in fact, making it extremely cluttered. Since a URL bundle is an amalgamation of several links represented by one short URL, it is a far better choice if you wish to keep your message tidy and easy to read.

The links in bundles are easier to locate

When you send someone an unorganized cluster of long links copied and pasted from different sources, finding a particular URL therein can sometimes be a hassle for the recipient. However, URL bundles have your links listed in a very neat and orderly fashion, thereby making their retrieval much easier.

They don’t overwhelm the recipient

There are times when you as a reader want to focus only on the textual bit in a message. In this situation, you may easily get distracted by long URLs accompanying the text. The beauty of bundled links is that they are in the form of a short URL that doesn’t look overwhelming to the reader. The list of long links within that bundle would only appear when the reader clicks on the bundle’s respective URL.

Where can URL bundles be used?

There are countless ways URL bundles could be used. For example, a Training & Development professional possessing online video tutorials on how to use a company’s CRM could bundle all of them. This bundle could be shared for training purposes as a single URL with new recruits. Similarly, a real estate agent could form a bundle of links to the top 5 properties in a particular location and share it with their potential client. A teacher who has multiple lectures uploaded online could also bundle them together as a short URL and send it to students. A blogger could showcase a collection of their finest blogs as a URL bundle for use on their website, social media, resume, etc. Basically, sky is the limit as far as using URL bundles is concerned.

How to create URL bundles through Clipit

Creating URL bundles is a very straightforward process on Clipit. It is explained in the following steps

  1. In your Clipit account, click on “Bundles”.

2. Next type in the name you wish to assign to your bundle. Now just before you proceed, check if your profile is “public”. This is essential for your audience to access the bundle. Once you’ve ensured that, finish the process by clicking on the “Create Bundle” button.

3. Now go to the dashboard and start adding links to the bundle you have created.

4. Finally, copy the link of the bundle and paste it in a new browser tab to test if it is working.


Link bundling is a very smart and effective way to combine multiple links and share them with anyone as a consolidated URL. To try this and many other exciting features offered as part of Clipit link shortener, sign up for a 15-day FREE trial by clicking here.

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