January 1, 2021

How To Get Started With Link Shortener

If you have a lengthy and unattractive URL that you want to share online, then a link shortener is the best option for you. This tool is providing a short and attractive URL that you can share on social media, instant messaging, emails, or even on blogs. In this article, I’ll show you how it works and how you can use them in your services.

How does a Link Shortener work?

A link shortener works when the Web server runs, which is also known as “Redirect” (URL redirection). Actually, when someone clicks the short URL, automatically redirected to the old URL, the longer one. The URL sends an HTTP command to the Web server and sends the user to the Web page. The server returns the series of redirect HTTP response codes include the following:

  • 301: (permanent) pointing that resources moved permanently.
  • 302: (temp) Returns a temporary redirect status.
  • 303: (see other) this status indicates that resources have been replaced.

Things to Consider Before Using a Link Shortener

You can easily access pages by using short URLs, but despite that, there are several other things to be considered before using the link shortener tool. Especially, if you are a digital marketer or doing online business when you rely on links.

Service Closure and Disruption

If you are using the link shortening services and somehow link shortener collapses or shutdown, then the links in your use will not work properly anymore. This service interruption can ruin your efforts. So, to avoid these disruptions choose the services with a good reputation that works actively. 

Meaningless Characters in URL

Long URLs contain meaningless characters that are difficult to understand by the users and the search engine. Let’s say, a long URL like https://contabo.com/?show=servers&utm_source=cj&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=server&source=affiliate&AID=14092464&PID=

100211853&SID=&CJEVENT=59c344ed4b9211eb809d07cc0a180. If you take a look at this link, it’s difficult to understand where you’ll land after clicking the link. But that’s not all folks, when it comes to trust, there will be a big question mark. So, to avoid these circumstances, use link shortening services to customize your link to make it short and concise. 

Tracking URL

Link shortener also provides tracking services. You can track your links and know who is clicking your links, where the location is around the world, and which operating system and browser was used to click your link. In short, you can know complete detail about your link inside the dashboard. 


Now you’re well aware of some benefits of a short URL, which will definitely be helpful for you to smartly scale your business. But, it also includes some other advantages like, keeps the links intact in email or text messages,improving SEO, custom alias, and so on.

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