January 26, 2021

How To Redirect Your Short Links Easily Using Clipit

Since their inception, link shorteners have evolved at a brisk pace. Today, a good URL shortener is capable of carrying out a host of tasks aside from reducing the size of lengthy links. One of the most sought-after features in link shorteners is their ability to redirect audience to any destination. This article encapsulates all you need to know about link-redirection and how it can be done using Clipit.

What is link redirection?

In simple words, link redirection is the act of modifying the destination of a link. Take the example of a URL that was pointing users to a particular page that displayed an old offer. Now you are running a new offer that you want people to see while keeping the old link in-tact. Here’s where you apply link redirection to your existing URL and change its destination. By doing so, the page carrying the new offer will now be displayed in place of the old one, but your URL will stay exactly the same as before.

When does the need to redirect a URL arise?

There are a variety of circumstances in which you might want to make use of link-redirection. Some of the commonly known scenarios are as follows:

1. You mistakenly pointed users to the wrong destination

On certain occasions, you might end up shortening the wrong link and use it for email and social media marketing. If that ever happens, all you need to do is edit the destination URL of your original link, and you’re sorted. No need to send a new email with the correct URL or manually edit the link on each social platform. Take this situation as an example. You created a URL that is sending people to the “Mission Statement” page of your website when you actually intended it to point users to the “Careers” page. Use the Clipit link shortener to alter the destination of the URL to the “Careers” page, and users will start getting redirected where you originally wanted them to.

2. Your destination URL displays a 404 error

If you erroneously use a destination page that has all its content removed or relocated to another page, it is more than likely that a 404-error will appear every time someone tries accessing it. Sending people to a “dead link” leads them to form a very negative impression about your brand. To make sure you combat any 404-error in a timely manner, you can use Clipit link shortener to quickly modify the destination of your link. This way you will not lose out on your precious audience and get them to view a page that actually works.

3. You have introduced a new destination page

There are situations where the content of your link is valid at one point but becomes obsolete later. This could particularly happen with seasonal offers that keep expiring every few weeks or months. Here’s an example illustrating the whole point. You had created a link Your.Brand/MonthlyOffer to promote monthly offers on your eCommerce website. The offer in June was “Free Airpods on purchases worth over $1500”. But now it’s July and you plan on launching a new offer that allows people to get “A discount voucher worth $200 on purchases of $2000 & above”. You want to use the same link as before for your new offer because it has already been heavily promoted. Thanks to Clipit clink shortener you can. You just need to change the destination URL of your offer link you used in June to the one you wish to use in July. This way your audience will start viewing the new offer with the same link.

How can you redirect a link using Clipit?

Clipit allows editing the destination of your URL in a matter of seconds. To change the destination URL of your link using the tool, log into your Clipit account and follow these simple steps:

  1. Select “Dashboard” from the menu on the left of your screen. A list of all the links you have previously created will appear.
how to redirect a link

2. Click “Edit” under the link you want to make changes to.

redirect a link

3. Now enter the new destination URL in the “Long URL” field.

redirect a link

4. Finally click “update” to save. Your destination URL is now changed.

redirect a link


Link redirection is a game-changing feature offered by URL shorteners and is commonly used in the world of digital marketing. Clipit is a customer-focused tool that allows you to update the destination of your URLs anytime. This way your audience would always view the most accurate and up-to-date information. To sign-up for the 15-day FREE trial of Clipit, Register here.

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