March 11, 2021

Making URL security foolproof through password protected links – A case study

This article covers a case study explaining how was able to fortify a company’s confidential data through password-protected links.

About the solution seeker

A UK-based firm active for nearly half a decade was facing a grave business problem. The company’s private information present on different URLs (meant for restricted access) was being leaked and exposed to unauthorized individuals. This information ranged from the organization’s major trade secrets to financial inflows/outflows.  The firm was running the risk of incurring enormous and irreparable losses because of compromised data privacy. Something needed to be done urgently to plug this massive security loophole. Therefore, the organization decided to approach for a solution.

How fulfilled the company’s requirement offered its Premium plan to the British company. It allowed the firm to generate password protected links that carried confidential information. This way, it no longer mattered where the firm’s sensitive URLs traveled. Only authorized individuals who knew the right password for a particular URL were able to access it. External entities or people who didn’t know the password couldn’t do anything at all with such a URL.

Details of the solution

The password protected links enabled the organization to add a strong layer of security to its URLs. Even people authorized to view the contents of the URL had to know and enter its corresponding password every time. The feature was accessible to the company in the dashboard section of Therein, the organization could shorten any link carrying sensitive information. The company could then assign a unique password to the shortened URL to restrict its access.

Benefits of the solution for the company

The organization was now able to significantly reduce the chances of any potential data security lapses. Password protected links allowed the firm to eliminate key information leakage threats that previously loomed on its URLs. Only a chosen few people knew the passwords to sensitive URLs. Consequently, the company’s confidential information stayed within a limited circle of individuals. This had multiple positive effects. Firstly, the firm’s private information was no longer public. Secondly, the risks resulting from data leakage e.g. competitors or criminals exploiting the company’s weaknesses, were minimized.

To conclude, we live in an age where incidents of cybercrime and fraud continue to grow. That is why the need for strong data and website security measures has increased more than ever at the corporate level. provides password-protection of URLs, which enables companies to make their private information present online safe from prying eyes. To generate password protected links and avail plenty of other exciting features offered by, sign up here for the FREE trial of the tool’s Standard & Premium plans today. 

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