December 31, 2020

Reinforce Your URLs With Link Shortener

With link shortener, sharing short URLs are easier to handle contrary to the long URLs for every form of communication. No matter what job you do? Whether you’re a content writer, YouTuber, businessman, digital marketer, vlogger, blogger, or work in an entirely different industry our tool will definitely help you to get more success for sure.
Here are few:

Shorten your links

Some folks think, short links are just for easier manageability but this is one aspect, the other one is you can get more out of a link by making it short and concise so, your user can easily understand the purpose of the link.

Let’s say, I share a short link on social media and also add a custom alias in the link like “blog name”. Now, the user can easily understand that when he/she click the link he will redirect to the blog post.

Add a custom domain

Use link shortener to generate branded links that will give a reflection of your brand and keep it upfront in every internal and customer-facing communication. When you add a custom domain, you can generate links tailored to your brand instead of using the default domain “”.

branded links

Get a perfect custom domain tailored to your brand with link shortener, easier to search and setup. Some people think, branded links are just for a better look to their links but that is simply wrong because they are not just for showcase but also help in increasing awareness of your brand in a plethora of audience.

Customize the back-half of your links

Most links are composed of random letters and numbers with a custom call to action that creates confusion in the user’s mind. So to assure the audience you’re sending them to the right place, customize your link and add a custom alias that shows them their destination.

Here are some tips for you that can help you to get more clicks. Keep the links short and concise that will be easier for you to manage and sharing on every forum.

Generate your own QR Code

Scan QR code

With QR code, you can reach smartphone users to easily scan a code instead of typing a link in their browser. By using link shortener you can easily generate QR code on any of your links and by sharing that QR you will capture organic clicks.

Track your links

Clipit URL Shortener

With link shortener, empower yourself to keep an eye on your URL and know the number of clicks, location, and the referrer. You can even know if your links got any click, tap, and swipe, so you can acknowledge what your audience is most excited about. By the use of a tracking feature, you can get a complete detailed report of your link activity more easily.

Amplify your reach

URL shortener

Track every click to boost sales. Make your link potent by URL shortener so you can use its potential to reach your targeted audience by tracking your clicks. So, you can optimize your sales. You can also trigger your campaigns with the right audience by selecting the right place.

Complete detailed analytics

Branded URL shortener

Many sale persons are curious to know what their links have been up to. But this curiosity will remain no more because you can know every event of links by tracking 15+ data points. You can get an exhaustive report of your results in a single dashboard. So, you can boost your sales and retarget similar audience. Clipit link shortener provides you complete detail about clicks, social media clicks, page referrer, devices, browsers, systems, and geo-location.

Gain control

URL shortener

If you use this feature of Clipit link shortener you can take complete control of your link and assign a new URL to any of your links easily. This means you can add your brand to your link, change, or update the destination of the URL and generate your own branded link as you like.

It’s time to grow your business with the potential of your links to get infinite possibilities. I hope your business needs these features to touch the heights of success. To sign-up for the free trial of Clipit link shortener, Register here.

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