January 21, 2021

The Significance of a Link Shortener like Clipit in Social Media Marketing

Almost all successful brands today view social media marketing as an integral part of winning promotional strategies. Whether the aim is to engage audiences, develop a strong bond with customers or drive traffic, hardly anything works better than social media. While the quality of your content is key for generating social traction, that alone isn’t enough. You need to have all bases covered. One of the key factors to consider is the kind of URLs you incorporate in your social media marketing messages. The shorter and more memorable your URLs, the more hits they will get socially. A link shortener such as Clipit enables you to ensure your URLs on social media look crisp and catchy. That is why link shorteners are highly sought after presently by social marketers around the globe. Below are the factors outlining the importance of link shorteners in the context of social media marketing nowadays:

Link shorteners help improve the look of your social media post

Imagine one social post with a cluttered and seemingly never-ending URL, and another with a short and easy-to-understand link. Which one would you be more tempted to click? Quite obviously, the latter. URL shorteners help you create links that not only consume less space but also have an agreeable effect on your audience. Also, people find short links much easier to remember for verbal sharing and later retrieval. Moreover, shortened links get lots of organic shares socially. So while you may create great-looking social content, in the end it’s all about whether or not it is getting a healthy number of clicks. It certainly would, if you use a link shortener such as Clipit to keep the URLs in your social content nice and short.  

Your social audience quickly recognizes your brand via shortened links

By using a link shortener to create a custom URL carrying your product/service name, you guarantee yourself greater visibility on social media. Whether it is a potential customer or one loyal to you for years, both find branded URLs more trustworthy than those with random characters. With trust, of course, come more clicks. That is why many companies invest in branded links for use in social media marketing. Some examples include Pepsi (pep.si), Starbucks (sbux.co), NYTimes (nyti.ms) and Virgin Group (virg.in).

Link shorteners give you greater control of your social media marketing URLs

Incorporating shortened URLs in your social media marketing allows you to change the destination pages whenever needed. This option particularly comes in handy when there is an update in your campaign or landing page. In such situations, you do not have to worry about manually changing each link on your social profiles. Just use the URL shortener to redirect your previous links to the new page and you’re good to go!

A link shortener allows you to track clicks and a whole lot more

Almost all link shorteners provide extensive tracking information on the URLs you use for social media marketing. Be it identifying the social platform yielding the most clicks on your URL, the most responsive countries or the most active gender/age group – you get to know it all with a URL shortener. This information empowers you to make timely adjustments to your ongoing campaigns, and plan your future social media activities more prudently.


Social media marketing is considered fruitful only if it is able to drive a large number of clicks, helps your brand be more visible, provides comprehensive tracking, and remains open for later adjustments as required. With a robust link shortener, you can achieve these objectives very easily. Clipit is a URL shortener that allows social media experts to generate branded links, get enhanced reach, induce greater engagement, and access in-depth analytics, among other benefits. To sign up for the 15-day FREE trial of Clipit , Register here.

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