January 19, 2021

Top 5 Reasons Why A URL Shortener Is Vital For Digital Marketing

The importance of digital marketing for the success of a product or service is undeniable. Why digital has gained an edge over traditional marketing is quite obvious. The former remains significantly more cost-effective, scalable, targeted, and measurable. Also, digital marketing allows businesses to interact with prospects and add a touch of personalization to their communication. You can get key audience insights and even create brand loyalty. With numerous tools at the disposal of digital marketers to achieve the highest possible ROI, choosing the right ones can be tricky. A URL shortener is one of such tools you just can’t afford to overlook.

Link shorteners are an essential ingredient for the success of digital content. There are a variety of reasons why it is imperative for you to have a robust link shortener up your sleeve. Below are some arguments advocating the utility of URL shorteners in the digital marketing context:

1. URL shorteners help you create links that drive engagement

A shortened URL is known to yield greater engagement than one with the usual long length. This theory holds even truer in cases where the shortened URL has been branded. Such links allow your audience to recognize and trust their authenticity. The result is a no brainer – people engage with the URL much more frequently. According to an industry estimate, shortened links can uplift engagement by nearly 40%. No wonder URL shorteners are in demand.

2. They are instrumental in augmenting the shareability of content

A URL shortener generates compact enough links to be shared anywhere. Whether it a captivating blog, an online competition with a lucrative incentive, or a new job opening, sharing it can be a task and a half if its URL is a lengthy one. However, shortened links can be used by the audience to easily copy/paste in their social media posts, aside from various forms of digital communication. Consequently, your content goes places organically and you reap the rewards of making your links short and sweet.

3. They generate links that are fairly easy to remember

Can you recall with precision the last long URL that you came across? There is a very strong likelihood that you won’t be able to. An average human brain struggles to remember long URLs. The links generated through URL shorteners are ideal for people to remember after seeing them once. Because of their memorable nature, short URLs can verbally travel from one person to another. You can even type them manually in mobile/desktop browsers.

4. They provide you with detailed analytics

To be able to accurately gauge the effectiveness of your URLs that you share with the world, it is important that you have in-depth insights in place. To serve this purpose, link shorteners typically produce URLs that are accompanied by extensive tracking information. This data not only allows you to get an understanding of the channels getting you the most traffic but also the countries you’re getting the highest number of clicks from, the gender or age group more actively engaging with your content, the devices the audience is using to click on your links, etc. This intelligence helps you shape your future digital marketing decisions in a much more efficient manner.

5. They help links appear aesthetically more pleasing

No matter how attractive and promising the content inside a URL is, if the link itself appears sloppy, the odds of people viewing it are very little to zero. A good URL shortener creates tidy links that entice users to open them. The trend of shortened URLs has gathered enough steam for users to have grown accustomed to them. As a marketer, you no longer want to show people complicated, messy URLs that consume precious real-estate in your messaging.


The use of URL shorteners has become vital for disseminating promotional content more effectively. Without a strong URL shortener in place, achieving desired results on campaigns would remain a far cry. Marketers can rely on clipit.pro, a URL shortener aimed at helping businesses leverage the true potential of branded links, amplify the reach of their URLs, boost audience engagement, track every event on their links & so much more. To sign up for the 15-day FREE trial of clipit, Register here.

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